Alex Galachansky & Tina Wissotsky "Chinese Vase"


This art is:


  • New
  • Hand Signed Serigraph (Silkscreen)
  • Limited Edition (Item received may have a different number than the one in the image)
  • Framed in a stunning contemporary gold wood frame
  • Double matted in light sage green and white
  • Framed in the USA
  • Framed Size: 22.5" x 25" 
  • Interested in different framing?  Contact us!
  • Ready to hang hardware included




Both born in 1959 & studied at the Odessa Academy of Fine Arts. Tanya Wissotzky & Alexander Glatchansky works are created by the interaction of two independent imaginations working in harmony.  Each compliments the other.  They were married. The scenes, like sketches from the artist’s notebook, each contains a world of their own while commenting on the canvas as a whole.  The excerpts of calligraphy from old English flower painting manuals underline the concern with process as well as result, while other calligraphic quotations celebrate Paris of the Twenties.  In the still lifes, the classically executed centerpiece has all the nostalgia & romanticism of a time past, the color rich & sensuous. Both artists are deceased.

Alexander & Wissotsky "Chinese Vase" Signed Limited FRAMED ART