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About Us

History of Marlin Art- the Art Auction Fundraisers

Founded in 1969 by Sol & Linda Adams, Marlin Art began in the Adams' home basement. In its first year, Marlin Art went on to conduct 60 fundraising art auctions. In 1976, Marlin Art found its way out of the Adams' home and into an 1800 square foot office and warehouse facility. With 5 full time employees in place, Marlin Art continued its growth and incorporated its own framing division increasing the staff to 14. In 1982, the company again outgrew its facilities and moved all operations to its current home in Deer Park, Long Island, New York. Years of quality service and increased production have required the company to expand its current home base time and again to over 23,000 square feet.

Since its founding, Marlin Art's continued leadership in the fundraising art auction industry has enabled it to join forces with many one-time competitors and strengthen its constant quest to add value to the non-profit sector's fundraising efforts. The Art Guild Gallery, Fogel Fine Arts and National Art have come on board and are now under the Marlin Art banner. In addition, Marlin has had very formidable relations with many other industry art fundraisers such as Heisman Fine Arts Gallery of Ardmore PA (which became Avatar Fine Arts and then subsequently AJ Ross Auctions). Many times Marvin and Sylvia Heisman of Heisman Fine Art Gallery of Ardmore PA visited our Marlin corporate headquarters. These companies are no longer in existence however many of their employees have joined Marlin's team including Deidre (Dee) Tarr, and auctioneers Steve Little and Michael Melcher. Arin Ross works in conjunction with Marlin as well.


Since 1990, the company has swelled to include a team of experts on staff, and the combined experience of over 250 years in the fundraising art auction business!

Marlin Art Today

Today Marlin Art is proud to conduct hundreds of live auctions each year and has raised millions of dollars for various worthy causes. As a leader in fundraising, the company continues to think creatively and to develop new and exciting concepts that are as enjoyable as they are entertaining and rewarding. 

The company has never lost sight of its vision to bring to the fundraising community a partner sensitive to the needs of its special interests and committed to value in fundraising. The company continues to look to that vision to guide its steps and to ensure that it maintains its post as the pre-eminent fundraising art auction company of its kind in North America.

Marlin has become known on Long Island as Interior Designer's #1 Source for Artwork.  Our central location, our vast inventory, and our in-home shopping services make Marlin a go-to destination for Long Island's top designers.  


Our art consultants collaborate with interior designers to understand the aesthetic needs and goals of a particular project while keeping an eye on budgetary parameters.  We provide you with a vast inventory, in-home shopping, and art hanging. 



Today Marlin has a full scale frame shop- unique in its offerings and its capabilities.  Customers throughout the Tri-state area know it is always worth the trip to Marlin for all their custom framing needs.


Framing is the final element that pulls your art together. We work with the nation's leading moulding manufacturers to provide our clients with the largest selection ranging in style, finish, and price. Our attention to detail and rapid service sets us apart to give you what you need, when you need it, with the utmost professional result. No project is too large for us to handle; whether your project is an individual piece or a volume order of thousands, our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facility can accommodate all your project requirements.


We provide volume custom framing services for our own art as well as our clients. This flexible operation can seamlessly transition from single item custom orders to framing thousands of items for design clients and other buyers of all types. For our volume clients, we can design, source, and output custom prototypes within days.

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