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With your commitee select a  date to hold your fundraising art auction with Marlin Art. Most organizations hold their fundraising art auctions on Thursday, Friday or Saturday evenings. It is important to schedule your auction well in advance, as dates are limited. The time of year you determine to hold your art auction is your decision. 


Tips on choosing the right date include considering:

1. School breaks

2. Other annual fund-raisers & social events

3. Religious and National holidays

4. Major sporting events


A Marlin account representative can help guide you through the date selection process up to two year's in advance. Our calendars fill up quickly, so having a second date choice is a good idea.


Sign an agreement to reserve your date on the Marlin Art Calendar today!



Schools, churches, synagogues and social clubs often have their own facilities which meet the Marlin room requirements.  These may be available to other organizations at a reasonable fee. If your organization does not have its own facility, consider a centralized location. Some organizations have used traditional large rooms such as banquet halls, conference centers,  and country clubs.  Other organizations have had success hosting fundraising art auctions with creative venues such as office building lobbies, car dealerships, and fire stations.  It is important to remember that the more attractive and appealing you make your event, the more enticing it will be for people to come to the event! You will attract a more sophisticated clientele to an upscale location whereas you may attract a more grassroots clientele to more humble room. Your committee, with the help of your Marlin account representative, should determine what is the appropriate type of room for your organization.  Your account representative will have many suggestions on how to secure a facility at the best value. Often, a non-profit organization can procure a lovely room at a nominal fee or at a complete donation. Remember, even if a room is not completely donated, the organization retains 100% of all ticket sales-so the room cost should be covered by this revenue.


ROOM REQUIREMENTS (Approx. 40' x 60') The room should:

  • Accommodate seating for 125-150 adults arranged "theater style" with a center aisle.   

  • Have space for refreshments to be served (in the same room as the art display and auction)

  • Have 20-25 Banquet sized tables lining the perimeter of the room.  The art will be displayed against the walls on a 3-tier system.

  • Have adequate lighting- the perimeter should be well lit.  All available lighting should be used during the preview.  Each piece of art will be brought up to the central easle during the live auction for bid.  During this time, many organizations lower the lights to create an ambiance where the viewer's eyes are drawn to the dramatic effect created by Marlin Art's specialized easle lighting.

  • Have a podium from which the auctioneer can work.

  • Have an adequate sound system with microphone (preferably wireless).  

  • Have reasonable access to the street or parking lot for the artwork.

  • Have adequate parking for the auction guests.


If you should have any questions regarding a potential location/room, please contact your auction consultant to help guide you through the process.

Customer bidding at Fundraising Art Auction by Marlin Art
Art auction Fundraiser Room Setup. Features artists such as Ben Simhon, Guido Borelli, and Thomas Kinkade.

Top Ten Ways to a Successful Marlin Art Fundraising Art Auction

1) Establish goals and strategies with Marlin Event Planner.

2) Have adults sell 200 tickets to their family and friends and assume 2/3 of the tickets

sold will result in attendance.

3) Have a minimum of 15 enthusiastic, hard working people on your committee.

4) Seek Corporate Sponsorships to underwrite the costs of the auction.

5) Have a separate Ticket Selling Committee.

6) Have a “Kick Off” party distributing ticket packets and train your ticket sellers.

7) Follow up all ticket sales with phone calls to confirm attendance.

8) Have donated items to use as raffles/door prizes/silent auction items to entice people to attend.

9) Have the auction benefit a specific cause and get that organization involved.

10) Compare your progress to your goals and adjust strategies if necessary.


Ten Costly Mistakes Made by Art Auction Committees

1) The Chairperson works alone or with a small committee.

2) Not setting goals.

3) Follow up phone calls are not made.

4) Mailing Tickets.

5) Relying heavily on flyers, emails and advertisements.

6) Not reading the Strategy Materials.

7) Not meeting as a committee to review progress.

8) Relying on door sales rather than pre-selling tickets.

9) Sweating the small stuff instead of concentrating on ticket sales.

10) Unenthusiastic, uninformed and/or unorganized committee.

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