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The  Event

Skillfully designed and carefully constructed, each Marlin Art fundraising art auction is a masterpiece of talent, experience, imagination and enthusiasm.    The fundraising art auction is a social, educational, and profitable event for your organization.  


THE PREVIEW (1- 1 1/2 hours)

The night begins with a  preview where your guests will have the opportunity to view a vast variety of artwork, memorabilia, and collectibles being presented for auction.    Refreshments should be served during the preview and can range from wine and cheese with coffee and cake to a hot buffet with  hors d'oeuvres.  Festive background music is most often played at this time. The chance for your guests to socialize, buy raffles,  & discuss the artwork.



THE LIVE AUCTION (2 - 2 1/2 hours)

The fundraising art auction includes approximately 160 pieces of artwork.

Our collections are generally 35%-55% below traditional gallery prices.  

All items will be presented by our skilled auctioneers and  offered at a pre-determined minimum opening bid. 



Marlin's auctioneers are skilled at creating a friendly, low pressure atmosphere.  During the preview, they mingle with the crowd, answer questions, and get to know their audience.  Their warm personalities make people comfortable, relaxed, and assured of having a good time. We understand that your guests are often not experienced auction bidders, so our auctioneers will gently engage the audiennce to participate in the live bidding. Marlin auctioneers have extensive knowledge and appreciation of each collection being offered.  This experience combined with the quality of our custom framed artwork instills confidence in your audience.  To our auctioneers, raising spirits is just as important as raising funds.  



Display managers are provided by Marlin Art to each auction. They work with your volunteers from the moment our trucks roll up till the last easles is reloaded to ensure a successful, well run event.  They coordinate the setup, the auction flow  and the distribbution of sold items. 


Both the Auctioneer and the Display Manager will work in tandem with your committee to ensure that your guests have such a wonderful experience that they can't wait for the return of the annual fundraising art auction!  



The Marlin art auctions often  become an annual fundraising event for the majority of our organizations.  Each year the profits usually exceed the year before.  This is due to the profitable partnerships forged between Marlin and our chairpeople.  In addition, having the most experienced auctioneers in the fundraising auction business combined with the incredible value of product helps to promote excitement and profits at Marlin Art Fundraising Art Auctions year after year!  

Fundraising art auctioneer Sol Adams


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