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Since 1969, Marlin Art continues to enable organizations across the United States to make money while having fun. Great times and great profits go hand-in-hand!

At Marlin, fundraising is an artform. Marlin Art skillfully designs and carefully constructs, each art auction as a masterpiece with talent, experience, imagination and enthusiasm. By combining the efforts of our professionals with virtual access to your supporters, we guarantee success: socially, culturally and financially. 

Why Virtual Auctions

Virtual Auctions takes all the tedious work and time out of the volunteers' hands, so everyone can focus on the power of marketing fundraisers for bigger success!


Virtual Auctions are full-service to make fundraising easy! We provide the virtual platform, the auction cataloging, and the product fulfillment.


  • Reach a much larger audience.

  • Convenient: browse and click to bid on pieces to support organizations from anywhere easily. 

  • Executed quickly (within a matter of weeks if necessary).

  • Pre-bidding options with customized push notifications.

  • No need to find an event location (if all virtual).

  • No need for a huge set up day with many volunteers, food, custodial staff, etc.

  • Checkout is done seamlessly through the platform to the individual customers. We send formal receipts and automatically collect payment.

Types of Virtual Auctions:



  • Preview time for the auction culminates with a live-streamed auction with an auctioneer presenting the artwork.

  • Typically has a 2-3 day preview, including pre-bidding (with the ability of a maximum bid), so people can participate on their own time.

  • Guests can participate simultaneously with auctioneer.

  • Guests can support the organization while enjoying a LIVE EVENT from:

    • Large public gatherings (at a club, church, synagogue, etc.) where the auctioneer is broadcast on a large screen and the participants bid from their phones while socializing together.

    • Small gatherings such as in different homes, backyards, cocktail parties, etc..

    • Individual viewing from the comfort, convenience and safety of individual homes.


  • Scheduled start and end time for guests to support your organization at a time that is convenient for them. 

  • This option can work independently as a fundraiser or in conjunction with an already established fundraiser.


  • Attendees are in person.

  • Auctioneer is in person.

  • Artwork is virtual and projected on a large screen by the organization.

  • Bidding is done through auction platform on supporter’s phones.

  • All reconciliation is done through the platform.

  • Art is distributed to central drop off location or sent via a common carrier.


Sample Virtual Auction Invitations

Sample Promo- Livestream Event The Emanuel Synagogue.png
North Shore Jewish Center.jpeg
Zoom Cocktail Virtual Auction .png
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