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The Marlin Art Guarantee: Profits


Marlin Art agrees to pay your organization a specified cash amount OR

a substantial percentage of the total, whichever is greater!


Since 1969, Marlin Art has enabled organizations across the United States to make money while having fun.  Great times and great profits go hand-in-hand with a Marlin fundraising art auction.

Thousands of nonprofit organizations have benefited from the success of a Marlin Art fundraising art auction.    Here is how...

  • Commission from auction sales or our minimum guarantee (see below).

  • Commissions throughout the year from artwork purchased throughout the year- on location at our Deer Park headquarters, on the phone, or on our new webstore (launching Summer 2015) 

  • Your organization receives 100% of the profits from all ticket sales.

  • Your organization receives 100% of the profits from ad sales.

  • Your organization receives 100% of the profits from patron & benefactor programs.

  • Your organization receives 100% of the profits from all donated  and raffle items.  Marlin will auction a limited number of donated items provided by your organization at no additional fee.  

  • Marlin Art will donate a beautifully framed piece of artwork that can be used as either a raffle or a door prize at the auction- your organization keeps 100% of all proceeds from the raffle.

  • Marlin provides a full range of auction services including catalogues, bidding numbers, receipts, and hardware to hang the art.


The Marlin Art Guarantee

$1000 with 100 people in attendance at your fundraising art auction

$1500 with 150 people in attendance at your fundraising art auction

$2000 with 200 people in attendance at your fundraising art auction


There is no risk and no fee to your organization.  

What's Behind Marlin's Success?

  • Our industry connections, experience, and buying power provide large savings to Marlin customers.

  • Our enormous collection of quality framed art represents a wide range of taste, interest, and price.

  • Our sales consultants, Event Planners, experienced Auctioneers, and support staff provide personal attention and fine products for our fundraising art auctions..

  • Our Custom program serves the needs of each organization- small or large, non-profit or private.

  • We pay attention to all the details... from pre-auction promotion to post-auction evaluations-the key to a successful fundraising art auction.


Partners in Success

Success is always the result of partnership.  Your auction event with Marlin is no exception. No one knows your organization as well as you do, therefore we rely upon your best efforts in this venture.                     Our clients are responsible for:

  1. Securing an auction location

  2. A group of enthusiastic volunteers

  3. Providing refreshments

  4. Pre-Selling tickets - the key to a successful event! 


By combining the efforts of our professionals with the dedication of your volunteers, we guarantee sucess: socially, culturally, and financially. The more closely we work together, the more successful your fundraising art auction will be.  



Marlin Art is dedicated to improving the communities we serve by providing an outstanding fundraising art auction experience socially, financially, and culturally.  We guarantee profit and quality to every organization in writing.

Teamwork involved for fundraising art auction. Committee works together for successful fundraiser for non profit .
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