Arnold Alaniz "Yesterday's Memories II"

This Artwork is:

  • NEW
  • Hand Signed & # Lithograph 
  • Limited Edition of 350 (actual number received may vary from image shown)
  • CUSTOM FRAMED in a distressed brown wood frame
  • Double matted 
  • Framed Size : 33" x 36"
  • Hanging hardware included on back of frame
  • Printed in Israel
  • Framed in the USA
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The original lithographs of artist Arnold Alaniz are serene, almost abstract landscapes known for their soft, gentle treatment of light and their subtle gradations of colors. Alaniz's skill as a graphic artist includes original etchings, stone lithographs and, in recent years, Mylar lithographs. Great skill and color sense is required to achieve his beautiful, finished original lithographs; each is a delicate blending of realism, romanticism and impressionism that reveals the tranquil, reflective side of nature. In addition to his expertise as an original printmaker, Alaniz is also considered one of the finest landscape painters in America today.

The artist, born and raised in Texas, attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received both a bachelor of fine arts degree and a master's degree in printmaking. After post-graduate work at New York's Pratt Institute, he taught art for nine years before he was able to devote all his time to his artwork. Although he spends a great deal of time creating his original lithographs in New York City, his primary residence is in Wisconsin. Alaniz's technique of creating original works of art is complicated and requires painstaking care.

His unique lithographic process begins with an acrylic study, which is then used as a model for color and composition. Alaniz makes separate original drawings for each color that will ultimately be printed - usually an average between 15 and 20 colors - on each of his original lithographs. Alaniz has always preferred landscapes above any other subject matter: "I think a landscape has universal appeal, regardless of what it is and where it is located. I think we can all look at a lovely seascape or a lush, tropical jungle and appreciate it.

We know that place exists somewhere, maybe not where we live or a place we are used to seeing - but maybe that's why it's interesting." The inspiration for Alaniz's work comes from places he's seen and from his own imaginative mind: "My own little world that I take ideas from and add to." He says, "We all want to create something more than what we see. My landscapes are not realistic - they're idealized. They are places where you find refuge."

Arnold Alaniz "Yesterday's Memories II" CUSTOM FRAMED HAND SIGNED & # Art