Small Business Week? It's a Small Business Life- Small at heart and big in service!

This week is officially " small business week". Across America, people are encouraged to support their local small businesses. Seems like as good a time as any to start our company blog....You see, Marlin has been a small business owned and operated by the same family since 1969. We started in the basement of our founders Linda and Sol Adams. We've moved twice since then- once to a rental factory and then we built our corporate headquarters nearly 35 years ago in Deer Park, NY. So our factory isn't so small... over 25,000 square feet of framed (and unframed) art, and a full time framing facility to provide the best resources in the fundraising art auction business. But we are still a small business. We pay attention to the important details. We are small enough to REALLY know our customers. We give personalized care and attention to each of our chair people- many who run their fundraising art auctions annually, so we know just what to do to help them reach their fundraising goals! However, we always have new ideas and suggestions to help them keep their Marlin art auction fundraiser fresh and new each year!

Some ask- how did this start? As I mentioned, the Adams began Marlin Art - a fundraising art auction company in their basement. At the time, there were many other companies doing similar art auction fundraisers including Fogel Fine Art, Art Guild Gallery, and National Art. These all closed their doors many years ago and came under the Marlin Art auction fundraiser banner. Other companies came along such as Heisman Fine Arts, Ross Galleries, State of the Art, and AJ Ross- these art auction fundraiser companies also no longer exist. But Marlin Art has always known its roots and its strengths- enabling it to be the premier and enduring fund raising art auction company- small at heart and big in service & products offered!

We currently have three generations working at Marlin- Sol & Linda Adams, along with their children Matt Adams & Jodie Fineman (that's me) and now even grandson Max has started learning the business and can often be found on location at local auctions! The image above is a "vintage" poster advertising a 3rd annual auction in 1973 (I wasn't even alive when we did our first auction)!


In business for almost 50 years, we have worked with many dedicated volunteers who have raised tons of money for some pretty amazing causes! We find it a privilege and an honor to have worked with so many passionate individuals and so this blog space (and future posts) is dedicated to those volunteers. Our goal with this blog is to share new creative fundraising ideas i to make your next marlin event (or any fundraising event) a success! If you are an art auction committee member who has something to add to this forum, please contact me ( to post to our blog- we love sharing ideas!

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