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As one of Marlin's buyers, I am always looking for new art for our design clients, our private collectors and our fundraising art auctions! The goal is ... New artists, New styles, and New trends! We travel the globe, meet with publishers, make exclusive artist deals and go to important trade shows. It enhances not only our synagogue fundraisers and our church fundraisers- but all of our many fundraising art auctions with organizations such as Rotary Club, Educational Foundations, Health organizations and more.

Our goal is always to provide our clients with a collection of both established and emerging artists! To that extent- we stayed local this time and attended the 2017 oNew York Art Expo. Most of the art found here is not necessarily for our typical auction client- but going to the Expo allows Marlin's buyers to offer additional services. These include private client services such as corporate art, in-house decorator services, and artwork hanging. The Art Expo also enables us to network by seeing old contacts and making new ones. Pictured here is myself (second generation Marlin Art) and Motti of Bruno Galleries of Tel Aviv ( also a second generation art gallery owner)

Wow- what neat art we saw !! I look forward to reconnecting with Motti in Tel Aviv in Autumn 2017 and can't wait to see what I can discover there and bring home to our art auction fundraising customers in the USA!

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Both second generation in the art business!


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