An art auction as a FUNdraiser???

Why host a fundraising art auction? There are a ton of good reasons -they are fun, social, educational, etc. but the best art auction fundraisers are often done when there is a specific cause. Does your school need a new playground? Does your church need a new air conditioning system? Is your Rotary club looking to fundraise for local scholarships? All of these are ideal reasons to host a fundraising art auction! Just to highlight my point, here is a recent example of a few people getting together to really make a difference.... Temple Israel of Lawrence just held their first art auction. It was to help offset rising medical costs of a fellow congregant. A lovely brunch was held and the bidding and fundraising began. People were entertained and had fun- and most importantly they made a difference! That's just what Marlin Art fundraising auctions do week after week for a huge variety of organizations. The majority of our organizations keep the art auction fundraiser as an annual event. Included are a few pictures from the profitable and social event in Lawrence. If you have pictures of your Marlin Art fundraising auction event that you would like us to post, please send them to!

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